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Clogged Toilet Repair Services

Clogged toilets seem to happen to everyone at some point, and even though they aren’t usually difficult to fix for a qualified plumber, they are still frustrating and disruptive. There’s always that sinking feeling when you flush and then realize the water isn’t going anywhere, or even worse it is coming back up. This is when having access to a high quality plumbing team makes a big difference in your life.

Clogged Toilet Warning Signs
If your toilet isn’t completely clogged yet, but is on the way, you will likely notice some warning signs that can help let you know what’s

happening. If your toilet is slow or sluggish when you flush, or if you can’t get everything to go down in a single flush, then there are probably bad times ahead if you don’t do something about it. You might also hear gurgling noise from underneath the toilet, which could indicate a clog waiting to happen.

When Do I Call For Help?
If you have tried to loosen a clogged toilet with your plunger a few times without any luck, that’s when you should call for help. Those chemicals you can buy at your local hardware or department store will only damage your pipes, so you should call in a professional and have it done correctly. Only a professional plumber has the diagnostic tools and equipment to remove stubborn clogs for good.

Prevention Is In Your Hands
Most of the time, a clogged toilet is caused by the people living in the house, and most of the time these same people can prevent it. The long-term accumulation of excess toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, cooking grease and other items can create blockages that will make a big mess in your bathroom. If you and your family members can monitor what goes down, you’ll be able to keep the pipes clear and prevent a potentially embarrassing overflow.