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Repiping Services

Your home’s pipes are the pathways that carry water to the house and waste products away from the house on a daily basis. When there is a split, crack or hole in any section of pipe, you could be looking at serious water damage. Luckily, there is a service known as repiping that enables your plumber to repair damaged sections of pipe, without being overly invasive.

Keeping Your Pipes Healthy
Repiping may be required for any number of different reasons. If you have older pipes that have worn thin and need work, if there has been an obstruction that’s caused damage to a pipe or if a

weather related issue has damaged a section of pipe, repiping may be a suitable solution. The best way to find out if you need repiping in your home is to contact a professional plumber and have your pipes inspected for damage. Once the repairs are made, it will be like nothing ever happened.

Repiping Works For Pex and Copper
Whether you have copper or PEX pipes in your home, the repiping process can be used effectively to keep your plumbing system running smoothly. Most homes have one or the other, with PEX piping being the less expensive and more flexible choice. Copper is stronger and will usually last longer. The fact both PEX and copper can be part of repairs by repiping give plumbers some leeway in determining how to tackle your damaged pipes.

 Insist of Professional Repiping Service
Targeting specific areas of pipe and making repairs safely and in the least invasive way possible requires professional training, experience and equipment. Making repiping repairs as a DIY project leaves the door open for even more damage, injuries and more extensive repairs down the road. DIY plumbing projects have their place in the home, but repiping is not one of them.