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Sewer Line Repair Services

If you are unlucky enough to encounter a broken or damaged sewer line in your home or on your property, the best course of action is to find the nearest licensed plumber and let him get to work. Trying to repair a broken or ruptured sewer line is not a good idea for the average homeowner, as the potential for further damage and a horrible mess is too great.

Is My Sewer Line Damaged
If your sewer line has been damaged because it is older, has a serious obstruction or has been the victim of a weather event, there are signs that may be letting you know. You might smell sewage

inside your home, or hear gurgling noises in your drains if there’s a problem with the sewer line. If you choose to ignore the signs, you may end up with wastewater backing up into your home, which is something you’ll probably never forget.

The Sooner You Call The Better
As soon as the sounds and the smells start inside your house, that is the time to take action and call in a professional to inspect the situation. Professional plumbers have tools including special cameras that can get right inside the sewer line to check for blockages or damage. Sewer line camera inspection is an incredibly effective technique for finding the origin of the problem in the least invasive way possible. When you combine a technique like sewer line camera inspection with a quick response from you, the odds of making the necessary repairs before disaster strikes are quite high.

 Solutions For Stubborn Sewer Line Clogs
If your plumber performs a sewer line camera inspection and finds an immovable clog that’s threatening to cause a serious situation in your home, he may break out a drain cleaning technique called hydrojetting. This treatment uses high pressure water to blast away at anything standing in the way of a clear sewer line. No matter how many years of accumulated sludge is blocking the way, or if tree roots have grown into the line, the 4,000 psi strength of hydrojetting can take care of it.