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Slab Leak Repair Services

Many homeowners have never even heard of a slab leak, let alone tried to identify one. They are sneaky water leaks that can go on for weeks or even months before anyone figures out something is wrong, and as such can cause serious water damage. It’s crucial to find a plumber that has experience with slab leak repair in order to get control of the situation and minimize the damage as much as possible.

Where Does a Slab Leak Start?
Slab leaks begin underneath the concrete floor or slab, of your home’s foundation. There are pipes that run underneath the foundation of your home,

and if they develop leaks, you have a slab leak. The fact that these leaks take place under the foundation of your home make them very difficult to detect, and virtually impossible for the average homeowner to repair. All you can do is pay attention and when you notice the signs, take action.

Common Signs You May Notice
Since you can’t visually see the leak taking place, you’ll have to settle for the residual signs that will make themselves known in the days or weeks after the leak starts. These signs include excess condensation in your basement, saturated or damp flooring, walls and carpets, warm spots on the basement floor or higher water bills. Sometimes, you’ll feel damp, spongy earth in your backyard, as another sign that a slab leak has taken place. If you have suspicions but aren’t sure, you can shut off the main water supply to the house, then watch your water meter for activity. If it is showing water usage when there is clearly none in use, you have a leak somewhere.

Is this a DIY Project
As mentioned above, the likelihood of the average homeowner being able to successfully repair a slab leak is non-existent. Only a professional plumber with the right equipment and cameras, and the right experience can first detect, then repair a slab leak without having to tear half your house up in the process. Stick to professional slab leak repair and you’ll get the results you need.