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Water Leak Detection Services

Sometimes, the most challenging part about repairing a water leak is figuring out where it started. You may end up noticing signs in some part of your home that isn’t even close to the origin, and you’ll have no clue how to locate the source of the water. That’s where an experienced plumber comes in, because we have the necessary tools and know-how to locate the leak quickly and make the necessary repairs without causing too much disruption to the house.

Common Signs of a Slow Water Leak
A slow water leak may carry on for quite some time before you are

able to figure out there’s something amiss. The leak may be under a floor, behind a wall, above a ceiling or in some other area that makes it difficult to locate. You may see signs like condensation on walls, damp carpets, dripping water from the ceiling, small puddles in different areas of the house or sections of mold. If the leak has been going on for longer than a month, you may notice a difference in your water bill. Whatever type of sign you see, it is important to take action as soon as possible.

Waiting Only Makes It Worse
Taking action means calling a reputable plumber to come in and find the leak, so the necessary repairs can be made. When you first notice the sign of a leak isn’t the day the leak began. There could already be extensive water damage, mold, rotting wood or insect infestations in the house. By calling as soon as you see the signs, a professional can come in and minimize the damage before it gets out of hand.

Rely on Professional Detection & Repair
The only way to ensure you get your water leak detected and repaired quickly and efficiently is to call that has experience with water leak detection. It’s important to use the proper diagnostic tools and to have the experience required to think on your feet and troubleshoot if the situation calls for it. A professional plumber will be able to give you the results you need and get your water leak under control.